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Al Diwan Restaurant

Al Diwan is the signature restaurant at Al Diar Siji Hotel in which you can enjoy the lavish breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet as well as à la carte menu. There is a daily variety in each buffet with different chef specialties. While at Al Diwan, our highly trained chefs will take you through a journey introducing various delicious cuisines from around the globe.

For reservations and details please contact us:
Tel:     +971 9 201 4570

Cuisine: International and Regional Specialties
Opening from 06.00 AM-12.00 midnight
Maximum seating capacity: 120 PAX
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Siji Cafe

We serve the most delicious coffee in town along with a variety of sumptuous pasties and desserts just to complete your day. Siji Cafe is a delightful place for a get together whether it's for business or leisure purposes or for leisure purposes. You can enjoy reading and watching the latest news while having your favorite drinks. Also serving Star Bucks Coffee for hearty coffee lovers.

Opening from 24 hours
Maximum seating capacity: 85 PAX
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Asmak Restaurant

Fine seafood platters for you and your beloved ones. If you care for a breathtaking lunch or dinner to feel the depth of the warm Arabian Gulf, then you shouldn't miss your chance of getting some of the sumptuous artistically cooked seafood.

Cuisine: Mediterranean Style Cooking
Opening from 12.00 pm - 04.00 pm & 07.00 pm - midnight
Maximum seating capacity: 65 PAX
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Zorba Cocktail Lounge

Billiards, drinks, music, Tv Screens, all of the excitement is in the exotic Zorba Bar. Get your group of friends to show them your abilities in Billiards. Also, you can get to spend some time off work and relax while listening to soothing music with a background of some action.

Opening from 12.00 PM - 01.00 AM
Maximum seating capacity: 78 PAX
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Al Shourfa Pool Bar & Cafe

Allow yourself to cool down by the pool side. Treat yourself with a delicious meal along the light breeze of cool pool waves. Spend some quality time with your beloved ones and create stories to tell your friends back home.

Opening from 06.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Maximum seating capacity: 30 PAX
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Allows you to hold conferences, speeches, meetings and other business purposes.

  • Well furnished Hall
  • Comfortable seats
  • Projector and screen
  • Internet
  • other facilities can be provided such as meals and drinks
  • 104 fixed seats cinema style with elevated stage in front

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Masafi Ballroom

Suitable to host Parties, gatherings, receptions and major celebrations. Some events require a high quality place to host the event in order to present a good image and good quality of food and beverage. At Masafi Ballroom, we tend to know your exact needs, and therefore, act upon them. We promise to deliver the A-Class facilities and services to help host a striking event to be the talk of the town.

Kindly refer to reservations to know more details about the hall and its facilities.

For reservations and details please contact us:

Tel:     +971 9 201 4570

Maximum seating capacity: 700 pax
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